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Newark Airport Information


1 Brewster Road
NJ 07114,
United States
Tel: (973) 961-6000

Website: http://www.panynj.gov/airports/




AirTrain Newark has been providing a fast, reliable train service to and from the airport train station since autumn 2001. As a result train travel to and from Newark airport is a dream. Catch the AirTrain and you can easily connect with the entire New Jersey Transit network as well as the country's excellent Amtrak railway. AirTrain connects you direct with New York City, Philadelphia, out into New Jersey and from there to a whole load of exciting destinations. AirTrain is free within the boundaries of the airport and it costs just $5.50 to connect to NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak train. From New York City you can connect direct with Westchester, Long Island and Connecticut.


There's also a really good bus service run by New Jersey Transit Bus Lines. Catch the number 37, 40, 62 or 67. From Newark centre you can catch fast, efficient buses into all areas of New York and far beyond. Whether you want to see the sights or just get straight to New York City safely and quickly, you'll find the right bus stops easily. Just follow the signs.


Newark Airport is massive and all roads lead there! Not literally... but you won't go short of clear signposting and you'd have to be asleep to miss it! It takes about 45 minutes to drive to or from Midtown. The airport is located right on the main New Jersey Turnpike, so it's easily accessible from just about anywhere in the surrounding region. Head for Express Road and you can't go far wrong. There's a bit of road spaghetti to negotiate but the signposting is so good that you should sail through.


You'll find car parking at every terminal. There is valet parking at Parking Garage number P4 if you need it, plus restricted mobility parking. There's an Economy Long Term parking lot called P6. There are daily car parks called P1 and P3. And there's masses of short term parking at car parks A, B and C. Pick up and drop off is forbidden in front of or next to all the terminals so watch out. If you disobey you risk being towed away... and they're merciless! If you want to pick up or drop off, they recommend you choose a short-term car park or head for a parking garage.

Long term parking is a simple matter as long as you don't want to leave your car form more than thirty days. Then it gets a bit complicated as you'll need to contact their Five Star Parking service the day you arrive and give them all sorts of details. Your name, number plate and how long you plan to park. Otherwise you'll get towed and you'll have to pay to get your car back.

The facilities for travellers with disabilities are really good. There are special reserved parking spaces for disabled customers, all conveniently placed near each terminal's entrance. Bear in mind that you'll need to display some kind of official disabled license or badge to qualify.


There's plenty of retail, eating and drinking opportunities to keep you amused if your flight's late. Terminal 3 alone has a huge retail space and they've allocated countless millions of dollars to upgrading and modernising the airport.

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