Why Directline Flights?



What makes Directline Flights different?

We’ve been helping customers compare & book flights since 2007 over ten years, and unlike many of our online competitors, we offer a personal service both before and after the booking process.

We do our best to ensure that our customers get the best flight deals and we make sure that our website and search are quick and easy to use.  


Who are Directline Flights?

We’re a friendly team of intrepid travellers and enthusiastic holidaymakers who (when combined) have over 200 years’ worth of experience in the travel industry, and we have been helping customers to compare and book flights since 2007*.


Directline Flights is a trading name of BF Aviation Limited, and our office address is:

Directline Flights

20 Southend Road,




*We took over the business from the previous owner Holidayline (UK) Limited on 11th August 2014.

How do I use Directline Flights to book a cheap flight?

Using Directline Flights to book a cheap flight is simple: we’ve developed a search tool that’s quick and easy to use. Our tool does this by comparing most of the popular airlines, along with a selection of scheduled carriers.

Plus, we don’t make you fill in lots of pages, and we don’t try to sneak sell you unnecessary add-ons.

Our booking service is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Enter your preferences in the search box — click show flights

Step 2: Select the flight & airline that best suits you — click continue

Step 3: Complete the one step booking form and confirm — you’re done! 

If you are interested in booking a flight with us, then please use our flight search.