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Newark Car Parking

Newark Airport Parking – Where cars rule supreme!
The USA is all about cars. So Newark Airport car parks are plentiful and spacious! The facilities for travellers with disabilities are really good. There are special reserved parking spaces for disabled customers, all conveniently placed near each terminal's entrance. Bear in mind that you'll need to display some kind of official disabled license or badge to qualify. The car parks at Newark airport are all very flexible with regards to payment. You can pay for your Newark airport parking using good old cash – U.S dollars only – or via a variety of cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Carte Blanche and Discover cards. You can even write a cheque! Stay up to date with the latest airport parking charges - compare prices for Newark airport’s car parks online with directline.
Newark Airport Car Parks – Location
You'll find car parking at every terminal. Newark Airport parking offers valet parking at Parking Garage number P4 if you need it, plus restricted mobility parking. There's an Economy Long Term parking lot called P6. There are daily car parks called P1 and P3. And there's masses of short term parking at car parks A, B and C. Pick up and drop off is forbidden in front of or next to all the terminals so watch out. If you disobey you risk being towed away... and they're merciless! If you want to pick up or drop off, they recommend you choose a short-term car park or head for a parking garage.
Cheap Newark Airport Parking – Long term parking options
Newark Airport long term parking is a simple matter as long as you don't want to leave your car form more than thirty days. Then it gets a bit complicated as you'll need to contact their Five Star Parking service the day you arrive and give them all sorts of details. Your name, number plate and how long you plan to park at Newark. Otherwise you'll get towed and you'll have to pay to get your car back. Save time, you’ll find it convenient and easy to search Newark parking options online while you search for Newark flights. Simple is always best!
Official Newark Airport Parking Prices
These prices are correct at November 2009 – check Newark Airport’s website for changes to airport parking costs.
Short Term Car Parks A and B plus Parking Garage C
•        $3 for the first half hour or part half hour
•        $6 for up to an hour
•        $3 for each half hour or part half hour after that
•        maximum $33 for each 24 hours
Daily Parking Lots P1 and P3 Plus the P4 Parking Garage
•        $3 for the first half hour or part half hour
•        $6 for up to an hour
•        $3 for each hour or part hour after that
•        maximum $24 for each 24 hours for P1 and P3, $27 for P4
Economy Long Term Parking Lot 6
•        First 24 hours: $18 for up to 24 hours
•        then $6 for each 8 hours or part 8 hours
Restricted Mobility Parking
•        $3 for the first half hour or part half hour
•        $6 for up to an hour
•        $3 for each half hour after that, up to $18 for the first day
•        from day 2 onwards, $3 per hour or part hour to a maximum of $18 per day  
Valet Parking at Parking Garage P4
•        up to 24 hours - $40
•        every 12 hours after that - $20

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