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We recommend booking Heathrow parking in advance. Secure Heathrow short-stay and Heathrow business car parks are close to each terminal. Heathrow long-stay car parks provide regular courtesy bus services to the terminal if you do not want to walk. The choice of Heathrow Airport car parking depends on the budget and needs of individual travellers. Heathrow Business parking is ideal for the growing market in short city breaks. Heathrow business parking is much closer to the terminal than the long-stay parking and the transfer buses are more regular. If your Heathrow flights involve a longer time away, choose Heathrow long-stay parking. Short stay parking at Heathrow Airport is designed and priced for seeing off or picking up friends and family. Each Heathrow terminal has its own short-stay parking conveniently close to the terminal entrance. If you are driving friends or family to Heathrow Airport you can drop them off or pick them up from the designated areas close to the terminal but you are not allowed to leave your car unattended. Whichever Heathrow car park you choose, the area will be of a high standard and properly supervised. Some customers booking cheap flights from Heathrow choose the Meet and Greet valet parking service. Heathrow valet parking makes parking in Heathrow easy! With convenient Heathrow valet parking you simply drive to the terminal forecourt when you arrive and your car will be parked for you. You can pre-book Heathrow parking with Directline. Cheap Heathrow car parks can be found outside the terminal. This cheap Heathrow parking is not run by BAA. These cheaper Heathrow car parks usually offer transfers to the terminal buildings. Prices for “unofficial” Heathrow parking depends on the distance from the airport.

Heathrow Car Parks - Cheap advance booking

Cheap Heathrow parking is available if you book Heathrow parking well in advance. Search Heathrow parking options and book cheap Heathrow parking online whilst you search for you Heathrow flights. In addition to cheap Heathrow parking you can also book Heathrow hotels with Directline. Heathrow hotels like the Heathrow Hilton are situated close to Heathrow car parks. Cheap discount Heathrow parking is available when you book online with Directline.

Heathrow Airport Parking – Location & transfers

The main Heathrow long stay car park is on the outskirts of the airport. A courtesy bus connects Heathrow long stay car park with the terminals. Buses run every 5-15 minutes and take about 15 minutes. Heathrow Business Parking is closer to the airport. Courtesy buses to the terminals run every 3-5 minutes and take 4-8 minutes. Heathrow short-stay car parks are located next to each terminal. 2008 will see the opening of Heathrow Terminal 5 parking. You can now book “Short stay weekender” cheap parking in Terminal 5, available from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

Heathrow airport parking – Directions to Heathrow

Heathrow airport is 15 miles west of central London. Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are close to each other and can be reached via the M4 Junction 4, M25 Junction 15 and the A4. Terminal 4 is south of the other terminals and is reached via the M4 Junction 3, M25 Junction 14 or the A30. If you are relying on a satellite navigation device for Heathrow directions, the postcode for Heathrow 1, 2 and 3 is TW6 1EW. The postcode for Heathrow Terminal 4 is TW6 3GA. BAA Heathrow Airport information updates information on road works and delays in getting to Heathrow Airport, along with changes affecting Heathrow parking and Heathrow parking prices.

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