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Faro Airport Information


Faro International Airport br/> 8005 Faro

Website: http://www.ana.pt/

General Information telephone: 351 21 841 35 00




Faro Airport offers two bus options; the public transport network that takes you to and from Faro city, and the airport’s private shuttle service. Bear in mind that Faro buses don’t stick rigidly to the timetable! Apart from that, the public transport network only runs to and from Faro, so if you’re off to an Algarve resort you’ll be better off pre-booking a shared shuttle bus via Shuttle Direct (www.shuttledirect.com). There’s a handy bus stop outside the main terminal to your right. From Faro’s main bus station you can catch all sorts of buses that’ll take you all over the Algarve and beyond. If you’re feeling adventurous and you’ve got spare time, use the local bus service! The Algarve’s primary bus company is Eva Bus – get bus details on their website, eva-bus.net.


Whatever direction you’re driving from, the best thing to do is head for Faro first. Once you’re there, find the EN125 road and follow the signs. It is clearly marked and Faro is only a small city so you should manage to find the airport easily enough! If you’re driving abroad, Sat Nav’s probably a really good idea. But always take a map as backup in case your Sat Nav gives up the ghost. Whatever you do, plan your journey in advance using Google maps or pre-plan using the AA route finder.


Car parks are clearly signposted and they’re nice and easy to find. There are three different car parks and, unusually, they’ve split arrivals and departures car parks into separate areas. There’s a short term departure car park, one for short term arrivals and a large long term car park. Bear in mind that some parking is outdoors, with no protection from the sun. Leave chocolate in your car and it’ll liquefy in all that lovely Portuguese heat!

All car parks are easy to reach and convenient for the main passenger terminal. If you need petrol or diesel, you’ll find a garage on the roundabout just outside Faro Airport. Unusually again, you won’t find cheap long term parking offsite. But long term parking rates are pretty cheap compared to the UK so it ends up good value anyway. Faro Airport has taken great care with disabled access and they offer specially-adapted lifts and toilets. There’s good news if you have special parking needs too, with convenient parking spaces right opposite the terminal building. Unfortunately Faro airport doesn’t offer wheelchair ramps, but otherwise it’s easily accessible.


Inside the main arrivals hall there’s a few handy shops, useful for last minute and emergency bits and bobs. You’ll also find a good choice of car hire firms plying their wares, and the helpful people at the Algarve Tourist Office are always happy to advise if you have any questions. Last but not least Faro Airport has a couple of good cafes, open all day for drinks and snacks.

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