Tenerife Airport Routes

Tenerife South Airport Routes – Crossing the globe
Tenerife South Airport has links with a mass of international airports, taking you right to the heart of several key continents. South Africa is well served, with flights heading to and from Tenerife South airport and exotic destinations in South Africa, Mauritania, Tunisia, Morocco and tropical paradise Cape Verde. You can also fly direct from Tenerife South to Senegal, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt and Angola. Central America also plays a big part with regular flights between Tenerife South and Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Cuba Puerto Rico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Be the first to take advantage of any new Tenerife South flights, destinations and offers as they become available. How? Bookmark directline-flights fast online search and come back soon!     
Tenerife South Airport – Covering North America
North America is within easy direct reach of Tenerife, with flights departing to Canada, the US and Mexico. South American countries are accessible too, including  Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Bolivia. Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina are also on the map. The world is your oyster! Save yourself time and hassle by searching Tenerife South airport routes with directline-flights – it’s fast, swift and fun!   
Tenerife South Routes – Search and book with directline-flights
Tenerife South airport flies passengers to and from Syria, Israel, Jordan and hot, dry Saudi Arabia. Turkey isn’t very far away, just a hop over the sea, and you can also fly direct from Tenerife South to exotic wealthy Kuwait, remote Quatar, steamy Korea, exciting China and backpacker haven Thailand. Or pick Singapore, Indonesia, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the UK including Eire and Scotland. Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Ukraine and Romania all have strong links with Tenerife South as do Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Greece and Macedonia. To round things off, the airport connects with Germany, Malta and Portugal. A bewildering choice? Yup! Make it easy - use directline-flights to search Tenerife South airport routes and find the cheapest Tenerife South flights.

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