Stansted Car Parking

Stansted Airport Parking – A choice of Stansted car parks
Stansted parking is of a high standard. Secure short-stay car parks are close to the terminal. Stansted mid-stay and long-stay car parks provide convenient transfer services to the terminal if you do not want to walk. Stansted Airport car parking is tailored to the needs of individual travellers. Stansted mid-stay parking is ideal for the growing market in short breaks and weekend city breaks. Stansted mid-stay parking is closer to the terminal than the long-stay parking. If your Stansted flights involve a longer time away, you should consider cheap Stansted long-stay parking. Short stay parking at Stansted Airport is designed and priced for people taking friends and family to the airport or picking them up from incoming Stansted flights. If you are driving friends or family to Stansted Airport you can use the set down lane. Whichever Stansted car park you choose, you can rest assured the area will be of a high standard and properly supervised. Some customers who book cheap flights from Stansted choose the valet parking service. Stansted valet parking takes all the hassle out of parking in Stansted. With convenient Stansted valet parking you simply drive to the terminal forecourt when you arrive and your car will be parked for you.

Stansted Car Parks – Cheap Stansted parking

Cheap Stansted parking is easier to find if you book Stansted parking well in advance. Search Stansted parking options and book Stansted parking with Directline at the same time you book Stansted flights. As well as cheap Stansted parking you can also book Stansted hotels with Directline. Stansted hotels like the Stansted Hilton are located close to Stansted car parks.

Stansted Parking – Location & transfers

The main Stansted long stay car park, known as Pink Elephant Stansted, is on the outskirts of the airport. Transfers from Stansted long stay car park run every 20 minutes and take 10–15 minutes.  Stansted mid-stay car park, known as Stansted mid stay e-parking, is closer to the airport. Transfers from Stansted mid-stay car park run every 10 minutes and take about five minutes. Stansted short-stay car parks are located next to the terminal.

Stansted Airport Parking – Directions to Stansted

Exit M11 at J8a (coming from London) or J8 (from Cambridge) and follow signs at Stansted roundabout. If you are relying on a satellite navigation device for Stansted directions, the postcode for Stansted long stay car park is CM24 1SE. The postcode for Stansted mid-stay car park is CM24 1PZ The postcode for Stansted short-stay car park is CM24 1RW. BAA Stansted Airport information provides up-to-date information on road works and potential delays in getting to Stansted Airport, along with changes in prices and conditions affecting Stansted parking.

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