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Managing your booking with easyJet.easyJet

Online check-in with easyJet opens 30 days before departure*. This is where you add your passport information (for international flights) and download your boarding passes for printing.

Optional extras: Pre-booked seats, hold luggage and sports equipment may be added once you have entered your passport details (if applicable) and your contact information.

To request Special Assistance , or for help with any aspect of managing your booking, please simply reply to our email.

Here's what to do (on your desktop, not mobile):

1. If your departure is more than 30 days away, make a note in your diary

2. Read these instructions carefully before clicking on the button!

3. Click on the button below and then ‘Check-in’ (near top right)

4. Select the 'Someone else made the booking' button

5. Type in your surname. (NB leave out apostrophes, hyphens or spaces)

6. Type in your 7 digit easyJet booking reference (in your Flight Booking Confirmation email).

7. Follow easyJet’s instructions.

8. Shortly before departure please ensure that you visit the easyJet website, to check if your flight has been rescheduled.


For assistance with anything, please simply reply to our email, or call us on

+44 (0)20 8239 3344. It’s all part of the service and we’re happy to help.  

*Why check-in 30 days before departure?

✓ Check-in will be open for both your outbound and return flights (if applicable)

✓ If you are happy for easyJet to allocate your seats, you are virtually guaranteed to be sat together

✓ If you want to choose your seats, you will get a better choice, as most customers check-in close to the departure date

✓ If you have any difficulties (e.g. a printer problem) we will have plenty of time to help you

✓ Don't worry if you might want to make changes later, as you can do so right up until departure