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Heraklion Airport Information


Heraklion Airport "N. Kazantzakis"
Ikarou str,
N Alikarnassos,

Website: http://www.heraklionairport.net/

General Information telephone: 30(0)2810 397129



Wherever you are on Crete you'll find it easy to track down Heraklion airport. It's well signposted, just off the E75 motorway and also easy to reach via the main road out of the city centre, Ikaru. Crete isn't an enormous island and you'll find it hard to get lost... unless you want to! There's car hire available at the airport and if you fancy exploring the island on wheels you'll find a good deal there. Your hotel or resort will also be able to point you in the right direction for good value vehicle hire.


It's easy to travel to or from the airport by bus. Many people head straight to the coach park to catch their tour bus. But if you're travelling independently the airport bus service is ideal. Catch a cab if you wish. But comfy, cheap local buses leave the airport every few minutes from the crack of dawn to late into the evening during the week and on Saturdays. Buses less frequent on Sundays but there's still a reasonable service. Best of all, the bus is a great way to get a feel for the 'real' Crete and enjoy the island's scenery before you hit the resorts and beaches!


There are no trains on the island of Crete but the Greek mainland has an excellent rail network. They even have some beautiful vintage train lines, engines and rolling stock, very popular with railway and train enthusiasts worldwide. And Athens is a great place to aim for if you've decided to forgo the usual air travel in favour of a speedy, comfortable, railway journey. From Athens, you can get to Crete by sea. It might take longer but the journey is very beautiful. And at least you avoid airport queues. Most people, though, fly direct into Heraklion. If you want trains, head for the mainland!


Airport car parks are limited. There's a free car park, open whenever the airport is open for short stays, pick ups and drop offs. Most people take a tour bus or local bus from the airport and, unless you're in Crete on business, you shouldn't need to park for more than a few minutes if at all. You can't miss the free pick up and drop off / short term car park, it's right outside the terminal building. If you need longer term parking, try a private car park.There are several of these scattered around the airport and the pricing is competitive. Take your pick – plenty of competition keeps private parking prices keen and you'll enjoy a warm, typically Greek welcome.

Official airport parking is minimal right now. It's skeletal at best. But the new airport, due to open in 2015, looks like being a real tour de force! It's a real treat to experience a new airport and the parking facilities are expected to be very secure, affordable and about as high tech as you can get. Expect a fast, efficient, smooth and comfortable airport experience from 2015 onwards.


The current buildings date from 1971. As you can imagine it's looking a little tatty these days but who cares when – hopefully – you'll only be spending a small amount of time there! Like everywhere in Greece it's friendly and welcoming. And the future's looking bright. There's a brand new airport under construction nearby. The existing airport is at the end of its useful life and it'll close in 2015. So 'enjoy' it while you can, if that's the right word for spending time in an airport!

There's an information point near the baggage are in arrivals if you need help or get lost. You'll find an ATM, bank and currency exchange in the terminal, as well as a duty free shop and all manner of useful and interesting shops for those last minute purchases and travel equipment. A good way to get rid of your spare Euros before you go home. And there's a cafe bar to wait and relax in. Pretty basic, but it does what it says on the tin.

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