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Graz Airport (GRZ)

Graz Airport is a small airport just 10km south of the Austrian city of Graz, in the picturesque southern region of Styria. The airport is also known as Thalerhof International. Flights began in 1966. Steady growth has led to several airport extensions and the construction of a second terminal in 2005. Flights from the UK with Ryanair considerably raised the profile of a small, romantic, university city that previously received few British visitors. The city centre features one of the best preserved old towns in Central Europe, officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Christmas market is one of the finest in Austria. Graz also has a reputation for culinary excellence. Graz Airport is well placed for exploring a region of Austria known for its forests, lakes, vineyards and mountains. Graz Airport is just 12 minutes from Graz city centre by train and 20 minutes by bus.

Ryanair cancelled their service from London Stansted in 2012. The local tourism authority is fighting hard to persuade Ryanair to reinstate a route that was bringing in 200000 passengers a year. It remains to be seen if Ryanair will resume the service.

Airport Location

Flughafenstraße 51,
Feldkirchen bei Graz,
Tel: 43 (0)3162902114


Local Transportation

The airport is about 10km from the city. An easy 5 minute walk from the airport terminal takes you to Flughafen Graz-Feldkirchen railway station. The journey into Graz city centre takes 12 minutes and costs just 2€. Buses depart from outside the airport terminal and take 20 minutes to reach the city centre. Tickets cost 2€. A taxi into town will also take about 20 minutes and costs around 20€.


Direct flights were available from London Stansted with Ryanair but the route has been cancelled at the time of writing in late 2012. Niki have also operated flights from Edinburgh. In the absence of direct flights, the cheapest option is usually an indirect flight with German and Austrian airlines like Lufthansa, Air Berlin and Austrian Airlines.


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