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Gdansk Car Parking

Gdansk Airport Parking – Fun and games with colour coding!
Gdansk Airport car parks deliver the usual combination of drop off, hourly, daily, all day and long term car parking facilities. There are several colour-coded car parks at Gdansk airport, all of which are clearly signposted and close to the main city terminal. The Gdansk airport website gives a clear map and full details of regular parking promotions. Stay up to date with the latest parking charges; compare prices for Gdansk airport’s car parks online with directline-flights.
Gdansk Airport Car Parks – Location
All Gdansk airport car parking is central. Yellow Car Park 1 is just to the left of the passenger terminal. Red Car Park 2 is directly in front of the passenger terminal, complete with Parking Reception area. Car Park 3, Green, is to the right of the passenger terminal and Car Park 4, colour coded blue, is North of the Cargo terminal. The Green car park, number 3, currently offers 60% discount to low cost airline passengers. All you do is present your ticket or boarding pass to the friendly Car Park Reception staff before you pay (after is too late!).
Cheap Gdansk Airport Parking – Regular special offers
Gdansk Airport parking often includes discounts and special offers. Their Blue car park, for example, is offering a 7-8 day parking permit for 120PLN and a 14-15 day parking lease for 150PLN. If you want t park your car at Gdansk for longer than 15 days, why not make them an offer? It might sound weird but they encourage very long stay parking passengers to ‘negotiate’ a price by telephone! As there always are with special offers, watch out for the caveats. If they run out of space at the Blue car park charter flight passengers can be sent to park elsewhere. Never a bad deal, because Blue is the furthest car park from the terminal! Save time and hassle, you’ll find it convenient and easy to search Gdansk parking options online while you search for Gdansk flights.
Official Gdansk Airport Parking Prices
These prices are correct at March 2009. It’s always a good idea to check Gdansk Airport’s website for changes to airport parking costs, and to do a quick currency translation so you know how many Zlotys it’s going to cost you!
Parking by the hour or day / night – Red Car Park
Up to 2 hours, every half hour 4 Zloty (about 80p)
Every hour after that 6 Zloty (about £1.20)              
Each 24 hours 60 Zloty (about £12)
Day and night parking – Green Car Park
Up to 2 hours, every half hour 3 Zloty (about 60p)
Every hour after that 5 Zloty (about £1)
Each 24 hours 50 Zloty (about £10)
Day and night parking – Yellow Car Park
Up to 2 hours, every half hour 3 Zloty
Every hour after that 5 Zloty
Each 24 hours 50 Zloty
Long stay car parking – Blue Car Park
Up to 2 hours, every half hour 2 Zloty (about 40p)
Every hour after that 4 Zloty (about 80p)
Each 24 hours 35 Zloty (about £7)

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