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Any search for flights should include Frankfurt Airport and Frankfurt Hahn Airport. All scheduled flights head for Frankfurt am Main Airport, the closest airport to the city centre. Flights with Ryanair head for Frankfurt Hahn Airport, 120km from of the city. Fares with Ryanair are significantly lower than fares to the main city airport but you will have to travel about 90 minutes by bus to get to Frankfurt. Direct flights to Frankfurt am Main are relatively high when compared to other major German cities. The cheapest fares in recent years have been with British Airways, TUIfly and Lufthansa.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

The busiest airport in Germany. Just 12km from Frankfurt. Excellent transport connections to the city centre and key destinations throughout Germany. Neither EasyJet nor Ryanair serve the airport from the UK. Lufthansa, British Airways and TUIfly all offer flights from London airports. The lowest fares are often from Birmingham and Manchester.


Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN)

Frankfurt Hahn Airport is about 120km from the city of Frankfurt. It is about the same distance from Luxembourg. Ryanair flights account for the vast majority of the airport’s passenger traffic. Ryanair operate routes from two UK airports: London Stansted and Edinburgh.



Frankfurt Hahn Frankfurt International

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