Embraer 195

Embraer 195 - One of the new E-Jet family, entering service in 2004
The Embraer 195 is a medium-range jet airliner from the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate, and part of the E-Jet series that were developed to bridge the gap between mainline airliners and smaller regional jets. Featuring larger wings, larger horizontal stabilisers and a new engine, the Embraer 195 offers a longer, stretched model of the original Embraer 170 aircraft. The Embraer 195 and 190 share 95% commonalities with each other, with identical fuselage cross-sections and avionics. Both models are themselves extremely similar to the smaller E-170 family, the first versions launched in 2003.
Embraer 195 - Wider wings and longer fuselage than the original models
The Embraer 195 boasts high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, with a capacity for up to 122 passengers, and a standard range of 2,593 nautical kilometres. Over 2m longer than the -190, the Embraer 195 can accommodate 8 more seats, and is a heavier aircraft. Both models share similarities with the mainline DC-9 and the Boeing 737. The company has adopted an innovative 'double-bubble' design for all the series, giving commercial passengers more cabin space, as well as increased cargo capacity. The model offers flexibility in cabin configuration, displaying versatility for all kinds of airlines, and being a mainline aircraft size, the Embraer 195 can be operated as one, flying as part of a primary fleet and able to incorporate a business seat section. The Embraer 195 is a competitor of the Bombrdier CRJ-1000, and also competes with more compact mainline jets, such as Boeing 717-200, the 737-500, 600 and the Airbus A318.     
Embraer 195 - Launch customer was Flybe, UK's low-cost carrier
The Embraer 195 was launched in 2004, and first flew for Flybe, the UK low-cost carrier. Airlines using the Embraer 195 today include Lufthansa, CityLine, Air Europa, Royal Jordanian and Nas Air, with potential customers including Azul Brazilian Airlines. Currently, there are 60 Embraer 195's in service, with orders for over 35 more at this time.

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