Embraer 190

Embraer 190 - Part of the family of E-Jets, entering service in 2004
The Embraer 190 is one of the company's E-jet family, developed by the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate to bridge the gap between mainline aircraft and smaller regional jets. A twin-engine commercial airliner, with a standard range of 3,334 nautical kilometres, the Embraer 190 has capacity for 98 to 114 passengers, and shares 95% of the same commonalities as the Embraer 195. Both models include features such as identical fuselage cross-sections and avionics, with the Embraer 190 and 195 themselves extremely similar to the smaller E-170 family, the first versions launched in 2003.
Embraer 190 - Longer, stretched version of the original 170 and 175 models
Developed as a longer, stretched version of the original Embraer 170, the Embraer 190 was designed with larger wings, larger horizontal stabilizers and a powerful new engine, and shares similarities with the DC-9 and the Boeing 73. Features of the Embraer 190 include fly-by-wire technology, a GE engine and a 'double-bubble' fuselage cross-section, allowing customers a spacious cabin and more cargo capacity - an enhancement seen on all the E-jet models. The Embraer 190 boasts high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs, and its flexibility in cabin configuration ensures it is very versatile - an attractive feature for all kinds of airlines. The Embraer 190 and the 195 are almost identical, with the 195 being slightly longer and heavier, and having capacity for more passengers. Both models can be operated as mainline aircraft, and are able to be reconfigured to include a business class section. The Embraer 190 competes with the Bombardier CRJ-1000, the Boeing 717-200, 737-500/600 and the Airbus A318. The company has also launched a business jet model of the Embraer 190, with a longer range of up to 4,260 nautical kilometres, and deluxe seating for up to 19 passengers.
Embraer 190 - Entering service in 2004
The Embraer 190 entered service in 2004, with a maiden flight for JetBlue, who became the model's largest customer, placing orders for 100 aircraft. In 2008, the airline set the record for the longest flight by an aircraft in the series, operating a non-stop route from Alaska to New York, totalling 4,989 nautical kilometres. More than 300 Embraer 190 aircraft are currently in service, with operators including Air Canada, JetBlue Airways, KLM, Cityhopper, AeroMexico Connect, Virgin Blue and Nas Air. Potential customers at this time include US Airways and Austral Lineas Aereas.

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