Embraer 175

Embraer 175 - One of the original E-Jet aircraft, entering service in 2003
The Embraer 175 is one of the originals in the company's E-jet family, which were developed by the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate to bridge the gap between mainline airliners and smaller regional jets. Embraer 175's are narrow-bodied, twin engine, medium-range aircraft, which directly compete with the Bombardier CRJ-700 and -900, and offer high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.
Embraer 175 - Sharing 95% commonality with the -170
The Embraer 175 has capacity for 88 passengers, and a range of 3,334 nautical kilometres. A stretched version of the original Embraer 170, the 175 is 1.77m longer and has an increased take-off weight, with the two models sharing 95% commonality. Features of the series include use of powerful new GE engines, fly-by-wire technology, a four-abreast seating configuration (cutting out any middle seats) and the introduction of a 'double-bubble' cabin cross-section, which can be seen on all the models. This allows passengers more comfort, with increased cabin spaciousness and more cargo capability. With no over-wing exits, the cabins in the Embraer 175 offer more flexibility in configuration, making them a versatile option for airlines. The Embraer 170 and 175 are the smallest of the family, with the Embraer 190 and Embraer 195 being larger and heavier, with room for more passengers.
Embraer 175 - A longer, stretched version of the initial model
Introduced in 2003, the Embraer 175 entered service for Air Canada in 2005, and today, there are currently 175 aircraft in operation. Primary users for the Embraer 175 are Air Canada and LOT Polish Airlines, with orders placed by Republic Airlines (controlling Frontier Airlines and Midwest Airlines) Compass Airlines, and Flybe, the UK low-cost airline.   

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