Embraer 120

Embraer 120 - Popular regional aircraft until 1994
A twin-turboprop commuter airliner, the Embraer 120 entered commercial service in 1985, and is still in operation today. Seating up to 30 passengers, the Embraer 120 was the most popular regional aircraft in the world until the mid- 1990's, and since 1994, production has focused solely on the EMB 120ER, which has an extended range and increased capacity. There have been 352 Embraer 120's manufactured, with production stopping in 2001. 
Embraer 120 - 30-seater turboprop, used extensively in the USA
The Embraer 120 set new standards for commuter travel when it was launched, and was used extensively in the USA, as well as in Australian and the South Pacific. Utilising a crew of two pilots and one flight attendant, the Embraer 120 has capacity for 30 passengers, with the aircraft operating at a high cruise speed and featuring low operating costs. The cockpit implements Electronic Flight Instruments and digital computerised flight control systems, with the Embraer 120 having a maximum range of 1,750 nautical kilometres. Specifications include an aircraft length of 20m, a wingspan of 19.78m, a maximum take-off weight of 11,500kg and a cruise speed of 552km/hour. Other variants of the Embraer 120 include the EMB 120-FC, 120-QC, 120-RT and the VC-97 (VIP transport for the Brazilian Air Force). 
Embraer 120 - Many aircraft still in service today
Currently, there are still 120 Embraer 120 in service. SkyWest Airlines own the largest fleet of Embraer 120 aircraft, under the United Express and Delta Connection brand. Other countries with regional carriers operating the Embraer 120 include Russia, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Angola and South Africa.  

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