Economy Flights

Economy Flights
Economy Flights - Budget fares to suit the price-conscious traveller
There is a wide choice of economy flights on the market for today's traveller, thanks to the increasing numbers of low-cost airlines offering budget airfares to a multitude of destinations. From well-travelled routes used for package holidays such as Palma, Malaga, Alicante, Faro and Athens, to favourite city break destinations including Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and Barcelona, there are economy flights to suit the needs of price-conscious passengers everywhere.
Economy Flights - Choose no-frills low-cost airlines for the best fares
The arrival of the no-frills budget airline has changed the flight market enormously, with passengers reaping the benefits of the many companies who sell their economy flights at dramatically reduced prices. Airlines can afford to sell these economy flights thanks to the elimination of traditional services such as free meals and drinks, business-class seating and luggage allowances, and provide a more basic service for budget-conscious passengers. Passengers on an economy flight can expect to pay very cheap prices, but find less in the way of comfort and in-flight services onboard, and must also be aware of additional costs that can be incurred on the flight (see the individual airlines rules and regulations for current fees). Many airlines also cut the costs of their economy flights by the use of more remote regional airports, which are cheaper for companies to fly in and out of, and by using just one kind of aircraft. Fares for economy flights vary tremendously and fluctuate due to supply and demand, with the best prices usually quoted during midweek, and early in the morning or late at night.     
Economy Flights - Good selection of both British and European carriers
Airlines operating throughout Europe from the UK include bmibaby, easyJet and flybe, all offering an extensive range of economy flights, with European carriers consisting of companies such as Virgin Express, Pegasus, Smart Wings and Meridiana. Economy flights throughout the US and Australia can be found on airlines such as Virgin Blue, Jetstar, Frontier and Southwest Airlines.

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