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Coventry Airport Routes

Coventry Airport Routes – Thirteen great European holiday destinations
Coventry Airport is home to Thomsonfly, who operate low cost flights out to thirteen exciting and enduringly popular European holiday destinations. Airport expansion plans mean that the situation might change, and more airlines and destinations could come online at Coventry. In the meantime this enterprising little regional airport is taking advantage of the economic situation. Because the current price of oil is so high, some airlines plan to ground their aircraft for the winter. So Coventry Airport is offering short and long term aeroplane parking! The ongoing situation is obviously fairly fluid, and it helps if you can keep ahead of the game. Be the first to take advantage of any new Coventry flights, destinations and offers as they become available. How? Bookmark directline-flights fast online search and come back soon!     
From skiing to sun worshipping
Coventry Airport hosts Thomsonfly flights to a good range of holiday destinations. If you fancy some fun in the Spanish sun, you can fly into Malaga and Alicante. If Greece is more your style, visit Zakynthos; nearby Corfu is equally gorgeous. If skiing is more your thing, you can fly from Coventry airport to Salzburg and Grenoble. And there are regular flights departing Coventry Airport for Faro in Portugal, Ibiza, Monastir, Palma, Mahon and Pisa, home of the famous leaning tower. Save yourself some time and search Coventry routes with directline-flights – it’s fast, easy and efficient.  
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Coventry airport, in a state of flux with expansion plans in hand, has a temporary feel and, although the facilities are varied and good quality, the terminal building is obviously in need of modernisation. Having said that, you might find you save a lot of time and stress by departing regionally, rather than trekking to one of London's major airports. And because it’s a lot less crowded, you’ll probably enjoy a calmer beginning and end to your journey! Use directline-flights to search Coventry routes and find the cheapest Coventry flights. It’s quick and efficient. As well as keeping you up to date, you can also book Coventry airport parking and Coventry hotels via directline-flights.

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