Corfu Airport information


Corfu International Airport
491 008

General Information telephone: 30 26610 89600



Driving to the airport is an easy matter. Corfu is a little island and the road network is relatively simple. If you get lost keep going and you’ll eventually find yourself - having driven in a big circle - back to the airport! Joking apart, head for Route 25 and you won’t go far wrong. There’s a decent choice of car hire companies at the airport including the usual Avis, Europcar and Hertz. There’s also an official taxi rank outside the terminal, with cabs available during operating hours. The locals recommend that you negotiate the fare with your driver before you set off; better safe than sorry.


Local buses stop outside the airport and it only takes ten minutes or so to get to the town centre. They’re regular, friendly, cheap and direct. If you’re booking a package holiday or you’ve pre-booked your hotel, you’ll probably have a coach or bus laid on. But this airport is so close to town that, if you’re an adventurous type and don’t mind lugging your backpack just a couple of miles, you can always walk it. If you fancy transferring in style and you’re travelling independently, you can always arrange a private transfer to your destination


Corfu airport doesn’t have any rail connections. The mainland of Greece is packed with railways, a total of 2,500 miles or so to explore in all, but unless you’re a railway fan you’ll probably be heading for Corfu on holiday, not to spot trains! As it is, because the journey into Corfu town centre is less than two miles long it is easy and convenient to hop on a bus or grab a cab. It’s safe to say that, the same as any major city, once you’ve got yourself to Corfu town centre you’ll find all sorts of public and private transport options to take you around the island


It’s just as well Corfu isn’t a favourite destination for people who are welded to their cars. Squeezing your vehicle in and out of the airport car park is no joke. With only 120 (yes, 120!) car parking spaces available, even if you were mad enough to take a car with you on your Corfu holiday you’d be hard pressed finding anywhere to leave it. Corfu airport is so close to the city centre that nobody – not even the locals - bother to take their cars. The local bus service is regular and cheap, and there are enough taxis around to sink the proverbial battleship. On one hand the car parking facilities are lamentable. On the other hand, why spoil a beautiful little island by choking it up with cars?

Parking facilities, for what they’re worth, are located right next to the terminal building. As we’ve mentioned it only has 120 spaces for cars but a massive 60 spaces for buses and coaches. You get the picture; this place is all about pick up and drop off, and most package holidaymakers head directly for their specially-chartered hotel coaches. Business travellers tend to nip in and out using public transport.

The minimalist parking facilities come in Short Term, Long Term and disabled flavours. The airport parking charges aren’t publicised and they recommend that you telephone them for more details; an ominous sign, it’s probably best to forget cars for the duration. If you’re firmly welded to your vehicle and unable to function without it, airport staff often turn a blind eye if you park up illegally for a few minutes, but it’s best not to push your luck. If you have a disability and need support, just call the airport beforehand and their friendly staff will make sure help’s at hand when you arrive.


Visitors to the airport will find all the usual facilities, backed by a warm, traditional Greek welcome. There’s a bank plus ATM (cashpoint) and currency exchange services inside the terminal building. Useful for last minute postcards, there’s a post office on site as well as a smart cafe/bar serving hot and cold drinks and snacks. If you’ve left time for a spot of retail therapy, browse the Duty Free shop and explore the quirky pop art shop. Bear in mind that there isn’t a ‘left luggage’ facility here. But there’s an on-site health centre! An updated terminal building offers disabled travellers dedicated toilets and telephones (contact your airline for help) and clean, modern surroundings.

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