Boeing 767

boeing 767
Boeing 767 - Most widely used for transatlantic routes between Europe and USA
Boeing 767 is a mid-size jet airliner, designed with wide wings for enhanced capability, and boasts a range of 6,590 nautical miles and capacity for up to 375 passengers. The most widely used model for transatlantic flights between Europe and the USA, the Boeing 767 counts some of its primary users as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Japan Airlines and Nippon Airways, with the aircraft in operation for more than 40 airlines today.
Boeing 767 - Wider wings for enhanced range, capability and performance
Boeing 767 entered service in 1982, with a United Airline flight from Chicago to Denver. The larger wings used on the Boeing 767 provided better stability on take-off and landing, and created higher-altitude cruise performance in the air. Boeing 767 was the first wide-body airliner to feature a two-person flight deck, thus eliminating the need for a flight engineer. The aircraft was also designed in conjunction with the Boeing 757, its narrow body counterpart, and the two aircraft share a number of design elements, including similar flight decks and handling capabilities - an advantage of which being pilots are qualified to fly both models. The Boeing 767 is the second wide-body model to reach the 1,000-model production line after the Boeing 747, and was a successful model for the company up until the late 1990's, when the recession and increased competition from Airbus caused demand to drop.
Boeing 767 - Family of variants include Extended Range models
Boeing 767 has three variants, all with different fuselage lengths. The original, the Boeing 767-200, has capacity for 255 passengers and was mainly used for domestic routes in North America, whilst the 767-200ER, developed with capacity for an extended range, was the first 767 to make a non-stop transatlantic route. The Boeing 767-300 entered service in 1986, and featured a longer fuselage, followed by the 300ER, which has become the most popular variant in the group, and then the 767-400ER. The Boeing 767-200ER, -300 and -400ER, however, are expected to be replaced or succeeded by the Boeing 787-8.

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