Boeing 757

boeing 757
Boeing 757 - Over 1,000 still in service today
The Boeing 757 is a twin-engine short- to medium-range jetliner, designed to have a maximum range of up to 3,900 nautical miles, and accommodate up to 279 passengers. Used mainly by American carriers, the primary airlines operating the Boeing 757 are Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and UPS Airlines. Now out of production, the aircraft flew for 23 years, with over 1,000 of the model still in service today.
Boeing 757 - More efficient replacement for the 727
The aircraft was conceived as a more efficient replacement for the 727 trijet, and intended for short- and medium-range routes, but with better capabilities. Designed in conjunction with the Boeing 767, the two planes share a number of commonalities in structure and design features, with pilots qualified to operate both aircraft, thanks to the similar flight decks. Boeing 757 made its first flight in 1982, and orders were soon placed by British Airways, Eastern Airlines and Monarch, with both European and American carriers using the model throughout the next few years on their domestic routes. The two largest customers of the Boeing 757 were Delta Airlines and American Airlines, and in addition to commercial use, the Boeing 757 has been used for private, VIP and government service. A total of 1,050 aircraft have been manufactured, however, production was stopped in 2004, and the Boeing 757 has now largely been replaced by the 737-900ER.
Boeing 757 - Family of variants, including the 757-300 
There are several variants in the Boeing 757 family. Boeing 757-200 is the original model, having capacity for 228 passengers, and the most widely produced, with over 900 of the aircraft made. Variants such as 200M, 200PF and 200SF are cargo, freight and convertible carriers. The newest Boeing 757-300 entered service in 1999 and featured a longer fuselage, with an increased capacity, and remaining the longest narrow-body twinjet ever made.

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