BAA Airports

BAA airports

BAA - Who are they?
BAA is the world’s leading airport company, owning and operating seven UK airports, whilst also operating several airports worldwide which makes it one of the largest transport companies in the world. In December 2005, BAA purchased a 75% stake in Budapest Ferihegy, the largest airport in Hungary for £1.2 billion. BAA is adamant that its name is strictly "BAA Limited" and that the letters do not officially stand for anything. However, rightly or wrongly it is often referred to as the "British Airports Authority" by both the media and the public. The British Airports Authority was established after the Airport Authority Act 1966 but officially ceased to exist following the 1986 privatisation.

BAA - What do they do?
BAA is a large and complex company whose work covers almost every area of airport life - from daily security to retail. BAA makes a profit by charging landing fees to airlines and also from the wide range of shops in airport terminals. BAA is one of the world leaders in security with one third of their staff working in this sector. BAA also has their own 460 strong fire fighting team who can provide support across all of their airports. BAA is provides over 1 million m² of retail space for approximately 900 airport retail companies.

BAA - Which airports do they operate?
Around 1,700 aircraft take-off from BAA UK airports every day, flying to over 700 destinations. That's one every 30 seconds. BAA does not operate all UK airports as many are owned by local authorities and other corporations. BAA British airports include:

London Heathrow
London Gatwick
London Stansted
Glasgow International
Edinburgh Airport


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