Amsterdam Car Parking

Amsterdam Airport Parking – Efficient and safe
Amsterdam Airport car parks are safe, secure and easy to navigate. You’ll discover two short term car parks, named P1 and P2. These are connected to the terminal and to Schiphol Plaza by covered walkways so you stay dry whatever the weather. Short stay is best for parking up to 48 hours, after that it’s cheapest to head for long stay. P3, long stay, is two and a half miles from the terminal but there’s a free 24/7 shuttle bus to take you in and out. If you’re travelling in style there’s even VIP valet parking... posh car parks at Amsterdam! Stay up to date with the latest parking charges and compare prices for Amsterdam airport’s car parks online with Directline.
Amsterdam Airport Car Parks – Location
There are two short term Amsterdam airport car parks, P1 and P2. P1 is near the terminal building. Like P1, P2 is connected to the terminal building by tunnel. The long stay car park P3 is conveniently placed on the airport’s main access road. The free transfer shuttle bus runs every ten minutes. There are spaces for disabled visitors in P1, P2 and P3. Last but not least there’s a luxury parking garage, called P7, right under the terminal. In all cases the signposting is wonderfully clear so you should find everything very straightforward.
Cheap Amsterdam Airport Parking – Save time and hassle!
Amsterdam Airport parking offers safety, security and convenience. You pay for your short and long term parking either by cash or credit card on your way out. If you just want to pick up and drop off, you can do so at the bus departure point. They even operate a smart parking scheme where, if you’re staying for a reasonable amount of time, you can park at a cheaper rate. If you’re in the city for 8 days, 15 days or 22 days you’ll get a few Euro discount. Save time and hassle… you’ll find it convenient and easy to search our Amsterdam parking options online while you search for cheap flights to Amsterdam.
Official Amsterdam Airport Parking Prices
These prices are correct at December 2009 – check Amsterdam Airport’s website for changes to airport parking costs.
Short term parking
First hour - €3.80
Hourly rate - €3.80
First 3 days - €26 per day
€15.00 per day from day 4 onwards
Long term parking
Up to 48 hours - €50
Then €5.50 per 24 hours
Luxury parking
First hour - €11
Hourly rate - €6.50
Daily rate - €37.50
valet parking
First 3 days - €35.00 per day
Days 4 to 7 - €19.50 per day


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