Altenburg Flights

Altenburg Airport (AOC)

Leipzig-Altenburg was formerly known as Altenburg-Nobitz Airport. This small regional airport is 6 km southeast of Altenburg and 42 km south of Leipzig. There is a simple snack bar and a couple of shops. Flights from the UK with Ryanair considerably raised the profile of this picturesque German city that previously received few British visitors. Low-cost airline Ryanair flew direct to Altenburg for several years but cancelled the route in 2011. It remains to be seen if the airport will attract UK airlines in the future but the airport has since experienced a marked decline in traffic.

Airport Location

Leipzig Halle Airport
Tel: 49 341 224 1155


Local Transport

Transport was previously based around Ryanair arrivals and departures. Buses ran to the cities of Altenburg and Leipzig


There are currently no flights from the UK.


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