Airbus A330

airbus a330
Airbus A330 - Versatile and cost-effective wide-body twin-engine aircraft
A large-capacity twin-engine jet airliner, the Airbus A330 continues to be one of the most cost-effective wide-body aircraft in service today. High efficiency, huge versatility and an excellent safety record contribute to the aircraft's popularity, with more than 90 airlines operating the Airbus A330. There are over 700 aircraft currently in service, with this extensive fleet being used for a range of routes and itineraries, by major scheduled carriers, charter and holiday companies and budget airlines.  
Airbus A330 - Competitor to the Boeing 767 
Airbus A330 was launched in the early '90's, with the aircraft making its maiden flight on November 2nd 1992. It was developed along with the A340, with the aircraft the first to offer a choice of three engine types. Its introduction allowed Airbus a more dominant presence in the wide-body airline market, and presented a direct competitor to the Boeing 676. Extremely versatile and efficient, thanks to its established short-range performance and long range capacity, the Airbus A330 also sees a constant improvement in technology, and ensures its position in the industry. The Airbus A330 serves 50 countries, with operators including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air China and Singapore Air, and the American carriers, Delta Airlines and US Airways.
Airbus A330 - Operated by 90 airlines, serving 50 countries  
The Airbus A330 has capacity for almost 300 passengers, with a range of 5,650 nautical miles. Airbus A330 features fly-by-wire systems, and the plane shares the same glass cockpit flight deck as the Airbus A320, meaning extra savings for the airline. The company also developed variants based on the A330 - the A330-200 and the A330-300 - with the A330 a replacement for the original Airbus A300, and the A330-200, a cargo jetliner. These offer a great balance between capability and cost, and a more modern fleet, with higher efficiency and money-saving innovations.

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