Airbus A320

Airbus A320
Airbus A320 - Popular single-aisle jet airliner, versatile and efficient
The Airbus A320 is a narrow-body single-aisle aircraft jet airliner, currently operating a variety of routes and itineraries around the globe, from commuter journeys to worldwide flights. The aircraft has capacity for 150 passengers in a two-class cabin, and is an industry leader in comfort and cost-effectiveness in short- to medium-haul routes. Airbus claims it is the fastest-selling jet airliner, with primary air lines using the Airbus A320 including US Airways, EasyJet and United Airlines.
Airbus A320 - Advanced technology, the first fly-by-wire commercial aircraft
A popular and versatile aircraft, there are over 4,500 Airbus A320 in active service and flying all over the world. The Airbus A320 has an excellent track record, innovative technology and is easily upgradable, operating as a direct competitor to the Boeing 737, 717 and 757. Appealing to major international companies such as British Airways and Northwest Airlines, who are attracted by factors from energy efficiency to extensive cargo storage, Airbus A320 also operates for budget airlines such as EasyJet and Virgin America, thanks to its cost-effectiveness. Airbus A320 was launched in March 1984, with the Airbus A320 family now including the A321, A319, and the A318. Innovative in its design, Airbus pioneered digital fly-by-wire control systems in commercial aircraft when it introduced the technique in its A320, enabling improved flight smoothness, fewer mechanical parts, and reduced pilot hours. Cockpit standardization throughout the entire A320 family ensures effective scheduling of aircraft and crews, as pilots qualified to fly one type of A320 can fly on them all.   
Airbus A320 - Increased eco-efficiency, reduced noise
Other advanced features of the Airbus A320 include 'Sharklets' wingtip devices, which enhance the eco-efficiency of the aircraft due to a reduced fuel burn, and increases performance. Comfort is a premium on the Airbus A320, with the interior featuring a fuselage that is 7 inches than any of its competitors, allowing airlines to choose different seat layouts, as well as wider, more comfortable seats, and increased overhead storage. The company has also introduced a new fresh interior for the Airbus A320, which as well as offering aesthetic advantages, lowers the aircraft's weight, and offers a quieter flight.

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